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SNS Historical Centre

The SNS Historical Centre comprises three valuable elements; the monumental bank with the authentic savings bank interior, the archive collected by Frans Walkate and named after him and the SNS Historical Archive.

Thanks to de Volksbank N.V. constant support, the collection of the Frans Walkate Archive has become an important knowledge centre for the history of Kampen and the IJsseldelta area. The collection is very diverse. It comprises hundreds of paintings and other artistic expressions of artists who by birth, descent or residence have or have had a relationship with Kampen. The archive also includes a large amount of historical topographic images. But the centre’s core collection is probably the photographic archive, containing more than 50.000 photographs and which is constantly growing. The photographs include images from the 18th century to the present and are supplemented every year. And the collection also holds archives and ledgers, of course: of associations, businesses, schools, foundations, organisations, institutions and private individuals. They give a clear and diverse picture of the cultural and social life in Kampen of the past 150 years. The collection forms the basis for three to five temporary exhibitions held every year. Part of the building has been made suitable for exhibitions, preserving the authentic atmosphere of the historic interior.

Items in the collection are regularly loaned to other museums and are used for publications. And, of course, the collection is an inexhaustible source for researchers who publish their findings in books and articles.

The Kamper Almanak is a publication published by the Frans Walkate Archive itself. It is a historic cultural yearbook that contains articles on the culture, history and nature of Kampen and the region. The yearbook has been published since 1928 and has grown into an important issue in the IJsseldelta area.

The documentation collected gives answers to very different questions about housing, trade and industry, amusement and entertainment etc.

To support the collection, there is an extensive library, which is constantly updated and expanded  and that can be accessed by the public (on request).

Major components of the collection are:

Photos of houses, streets, individuals, schools and businesses from about 1900 to the present (overview of the photo books)

Plans and maps of the city and its surroundings

Archives of associations, institutions, businesses, individuals and families

Drawings and prints with historical-topographical subjects

Works of art of artists who have a connection with Kampen

Publications on Kampen and people from Kampen

Publications of writers from Kampen

Local newspapers from the period 1836-1968.

Purpose of the SNS Historical Centre

Informative role

Frans Walkate Archive collection

The SNS Historical Centre provides answers to questions such as: When was a bank founded and by whom? How did the mergers come about? How were the savings managed? In addition to this role of information centre, it plays an advisory role in the field of archiving and promotion. It can help local banks with the organisation of exhibitions and writing commemorative books. The SNS Historical Centre will also provide research support for publications whenever possible

The SNS Historical Centre aims to:preserve and spread knowledge – in words and in pictures; compile, manage and provide access to historical archives; and promote research, education, publications and exhibitions.

To achieve this objective, the SNS Historical Centre is engaged in collecting and managing archives, providing access to these archives, arranging exhibitions and contributing to publications. Additionally, the archive closely co-operates with other banking museums. de Volksbank N.V. has contracted out the archiving work to the Amsterdam City Archive and the Frans Walkate Archive. The SNS Historical Centre manages the collections. In view of SNS Historical Centre’s objective and the importance of these archives for historical research, tours are available on request.